Double Sided Interview: RJ Kozain of 2020k

Earlier this summer I received a message in my SoundCloud inbox. The samples I had used for a song had been pin pointed to the source of where I got them accompanied by a nod of approval through text. This continued into a conversation of mutual appreciation for Alfred Hitchcock and the back stories of live performances. Now at least once a week, my personal inbox tells me I have an unread message from RJ. With how long winded our emails become, I figured why not ask some more “serious” questions and share what Wet Eyes and 2020k might ask each other. Here is side one of the two sided interview.



Q: You and whose army?

Me and this army! (holds up fist, laughing) Actually, I’m answering these questions in my underwear, so I really don’t have an army right now. Is this the proper way to answer this question?!! We’re off to a great start, right? (laughs) Uhm, If you would’ve asked me earlier I would’ve told you I’ve been spinning some tracks and listening on their lately.

Clepto Journals Birthday


On November 7th, a year will have passed since Wet Eyes officially stepped into the musical art realm.

Hand prints are currently in the process of being made/printed and will be available through Bandcamp in celebration of Clepto Journals. The prints are based off of the concept art for the Synthesis music video. A picture below shows some of the work in progress. They will also be pretty limited, so if your interest has been scratched, stay tuned.

UPDATE: Prints are available right HERE.