Summer Recap… or something.

Sunflower Calhoun

I completely understand the real last day of summer is September 21st, 2013. I also understand a lot falls through the cracks on social media. Now that I think of it, a lot falls through the cracks in real life just the same.

Call a seasonal break what you will, but here’s some of the particles of an open online crack…

If you are familiar with who Laura Moser is and of her story line, the energy around this project shouldn’t be far off. Friend and fellow artist Tony Schauf and I released our second set of movements under this umbrella (full length here…).

Whenever a moment is spared on the memories of high school, an extra bedroom filled with instruments and the smell of odd hours rings a few nostalgic bells. Trevor Klopp and I have been documenting some sort of music for a lost count of years and we are finally buffing out the smudges to share vamped ideas.  The full length labeled as Electric Gauge is due this September as well as a charity/fundraising around that release (post about that soon…).

Not sure how the majority lives, but there’s always some sort of study beyond whatever is generally being studied. Looking inner on oneself is kind of an intimidation. Have you ever thought of your anatomy as colors? How about as dimensions? As a 2D map? What about others around you of whom you care about? (“Deeper than Vanity” out late fall 2013)

…and this.

So many conversations to be had, so many moves to make, so many movies to watch. The seconds spent lying stomach down in bed leading to pulling the plug on some thoughts. Have you taken your thankful moment to remember the Mayan calendar situation was a spoof?


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