Halloween this year…

Is it me or is Halloween just not the same anymore? Maybe I’m just getting old…

Considering candy is still fantastic, horror films are still a thing, and the emerging of old (arguably creepy) Halloween costume photos floating around, all really isn’t lost.  One could suppose there really isn’t a “lost” for a corporate holidays eh? I digress…


Through the study of Halloween releases some of the more “off-beat” artists enjoy releasing things for this specific holiday. I am of the guilty party (last year’s release of Freezing Thoughts on Halloween…) for sure. This year, still as guilty but with a new visit.

I am honored to present a release this year of completely external music. I have had nothing to do with any of the recordings except for transferring them to the physical medium of cassette. I guess this may be considered the first release as a record label versus a self release label. I am beyond happy with the artists who have agreed to collaborate on this release.

One of the sides features the works of Adam Worthan. I’m not sure who discovered who’s soundcloud page first, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following him ever since our digital paths have crossed. His works (more specifically on this release) remind me of how an industrial park looking over a body of water should sound, at night. Adam’s works are the kind keeping me logging back in to fill my ears with the latest brain soothe.

The alter side features works from Anthony Record, aka “Long Pond”. His works on Pageants is what brought my mental to be flossed through ambient music in the first place.  It was the first tape I spent over a year hunting patiently.  His works as digital just doesn’t cut it (this goes for his visual works as well) as analog tapes really open up his work.  The featured side entitled “Lie-Gore” sparks a thought through the movie rendition of Naked Lunch scored from more modern equipment.


Long story long, one side is an artist who keeps me coming back and the other side is an artist who forged my interest in ambient music. It’s been a pleasure to have both artists in on board for this collaboration.


(Click Here)


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