Spring 2014 Update (Wet Eyes Productions)

Spring 2014 Update WEP

It’s been a little publicly quite over here at Wet Eyes Productions, but there’s been a handful of projects coming up. The first being a collaborative split cassette between Ross Baker and Wet Eyes. Pretty self-explanatory as to who’s part of the tape, but there is a twist to the release. The Europe release will be through Bullfinch Art and Tapes where as the US release will be through Wet Eyes Productions. The release will be available this spring sometime around late April/early May. Updates on that through either labels, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

In other works, I have been in contact with a smooth MC from Minneapolis, Danielle Chéri. I will be producing the instrumentals for her to float her rhymes and vocals through. Friends of her are sure to be placed in auditory cameos as a flavor in the mix. This project is in the early stages, but the record drop should be sometime this year. More than likely to have updates on that as time goes on through either name’s social media outlets. In the meantime, dig in to her work below…

There’s always something going on over at Wet Eyes Productions, so feel free to follow either the WEP Twitter or Facebook page if you’d like frequent updates for now. In the future, I plan to switch over to a monthly email but for now those are the easiest to keep updated. Also, if you haven’t been in the loop, Wet Eyes’ “Thujone” is officially on Spotify.


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