I have moved.

Within the last semester of my schooling, I designed a personal website. A goal was to implement a blog that was attached directly to my website to keep my content close and easy for whoever is reading. The blog section is designed in WordPress so the vibe is still an easy navigation. I don’t plan to post from here any further, so if you are curious, check it out over here.


Spring 2014 Update (Wet Eyes Productions)

Spring 2014 Update WEP

It’s been a little publicly quite over here at Wet Eyes Productions, but there’s been a handful of projects coming up. The first being a collaborative split cassette between Ross Baker and Wet Eyes. Pretty self-explanatory as to who’s part of the tape, but there is a twist to the release. The Europe release will be through Bullfinch Art and Tapes where as the US release will be through Wet Eyes Productions. The release will be available this spring sometime around late April/early May. Updates on that through either labels, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

In other works, I have been in contact with a smooth MC from Minneapolis, Danielle Chéri. I will be producing the instrumentals for her to float her rhymes and vocals through. Friends of her are sure to be placed in auditory cameos as a flavor in the mix. This project is in the early stages, but the record drop should be sometime this year. More than likely to have updates on that as time goes on through either name’s social media outlets. In the meantime, dig in to her work below…

There’s always something going on over at Wet Eyes Productions, so feel free to follow either the WEP Twitter or Facebook page if you’d like frequent updates for now. In the future, I plan to switch over to a monthly email but for now those are the easiest to keep updated. Also, if you haven’t been in the loop, Wet Eyes’ “Thujone” is officially on Spotify.


Technology of the past is something that is still a conversation topic, but I can’t fully say I’m convinced that there’s an equal level of appreciation in comparison to how often “vintage” gadgets are mentioned. Two of my personal favorites are Polaroid Cameras and Cassette Tapes.  I believe there’s a misunderstanding with the trends surrounding both. The draw with each and why one may spend any amount of money is for the charm. It’s hard to deny that charm and nostalgia can have any pull whatsoever, but it’s true. The charm that there was another human for certain on the other end of that document. It creates an almost sense of company.

This is going to come as a sort of ironic thread below, but I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite Polaroids that I have taken in the spirit of charm (and to be honest, I’m also trying to use WordPress more…) So please, enjoy.







Halloween this year…

Is it me or is Halloween just not the same anymore? Maybe I’m just getting old…

Considering candy is still fantastic, horror films are still a thing, and the emerging of old (arguably creepy) Halloween costume photos floating around, all really isn’t lost.  One could suppose there really isn’t a “lost” for a corporate holidays eh? I digress…


Through the study of Halloween releases some of the more “off-beat” artists enjoy releasing things for this specific holiday. I am of the guilty party (last year’s release of Freezing Thoughts on Halloween…) for sure. This year, still as guilty but with a new visit.

I am honored to present a release this year of completely external music. I have had nothing to do with any of the recordings except for transferring them to the physical medium of cassette. I guess this may be considered the first release as a record label versus a self release label. I am beyond happy with the artists who have agreed to collaborate on this release.

One of the sides features the works of Adam Worthan. I’m not sure who discovered who’s soundcloud page first, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following him ever since our digital paths have crossed. His works (more specifically on this release) remind me of how an industrial park looking over a body of water should sound, at night. Adam’s works are the kind keeping me logging back in to fill my ears with the latest brain soothe.

The alter side features works from Anthony Record, aka “Long Pond”. His works on Pageants is what brought my mental to be flossed through ambient music in the first place.  It was the first tape I spent over a year hunting patiently.  His works as digital just doesn’t cut it (this goes for his visual works as well) as analog tapes really open up his work.  The featured side entitled “Lie-Gore” sparks a thought through the movie rendition of Naked Lunch scored from more modern equipment.


Long story long, one side is an artist who keeps me coming back and the other side is an artist who forged my interest in ambient music. It’s been a pleasure to have both artists in on board for this collaboration.


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Summer Recap… or something.

Sunflower Calhoun

I completely understand the real last day of summer is September 21st, 2013. I also understand a lot falls through the cracks on social media. Now that I think of it, a lot falls through the cracks in real life just the same.

Call a seasonal break what you will, but here’s some of the particles of an open online crack…

If you are familiar with who Laura Moser is and of her story line, the energy around this project shouldn’t be far off. Friend and fellow artist Tony Schauf and I released our second set of movements under this umbrella (full length here…).

Whenever a moment is spared on the memories of high school, an extra bedroom filled with instruments and the smell of odd hours rings a few nostalgic bells. Trevor Klopp and I have been documenting some sort of music for a lost count of years and we are finally buffing out the smudges to share vamped ideas.  The full length labeled as Electric Gauge is due this September as well as a charity/fundraising around that release (post about that soon…).

Not sure how the majority lives, but there’s always some sort of study beyond whatever is generally being studied. Looking inner on oneself is kind of an intimidation. Have you ever thought of your anatomy as colors? How about as dimensions? As a 2D map? What about others around you of whom you care about? (“Deeper than Vanity” out late fall 2013)

…and this.

So many conversations to be had, so many moves to make, so many movies to watch. The seconds spent lying stomach down in bed leading to pulling the plug on some thoughts. Have you taken your thankful moment to remember the Mayan calendar situation was a spoof?

Under the Scope… Ambient


Under the Scope Ambient

Editor’s Note: A small while ago, Ross Auger (link) and I were exchanging messages as we normally do. Mentioned to me was an interest in writing. What transpired is a piece on ambient music entitled “Under the Scope,” which I graciously offered to extend to the blog as a means to cover a genre that’s cherished in the Electronic world. Not only this, but the article continues on an exploratory method of uncovering underground sounds in a way the 2020kblog project was founded upon (and also in the way Amber Waves and I do things through our monthly Hidden Gems and Northern Lights features).

Without further ado, I’m proud to present “Under the Scope…Ambient” to you.

There have been articles making rounds in the creative fields of how a little bit of ambient sound can kick start your productive juices (example). As much weight as a coffee…

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Art: Summer 2013


This summer I was enrolled in an art course.

Below are just a few of the output that came from it…


Untitled #1

Ink, 16×21


Black Jack

Ink and Tracing Paper, 17×23


Ghost of One

Ink, 17×23


Two Loons

Ink/Pastel/Charcoal/Ink Wash, 17.5×23.5


Giraffe Safari

Ink, 18×24

Hand for Two

Hand for Two

Ink, 18×24


If you have an interest in any of these, you can reach me at

rossaauger at gmail.com

These are all original single art pieces, not part of a series.

ImageHope you’ve enjoyed.